• Modular API

    Experience the unmatched flexibility of our API design.
  • Proprietary Trading Platform

    Market leading trading platform for hands-on traders.
  • Automated Trading System

    Automation from trade signal to execution.
  • Comprehensive Research Facilities

    From historical market data to execution simulation modeling.
  • Smart Order Routing Hub

    Here to ensure that you find the best price, lowest fees, and fastest executions.
  • Ticker Plant

    Aggregating, normalizing, consolidating, and distributing market data.
  • Proximity Hosting

    Co-located dedicated or virtual private server hosting.
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Lynx Capital has been building and testing automated trading strategies since 2006.  Over the last decade automated trading has become a mainstay of the US equity and future markets.  Lynx Capital understand the complex demands of integrating profitable automated strategies with low latency infrastructure to ensure success.  From sophisticated order entry & execution algorithms managed by traders to fully automated black-box strategies Lynx helps traders take their ideas from inception to execution.